How it all started

Daniel J Bockman
Founder of IDEAs Media

In the fall of 2013, IDEAs Media founder Daniel J Bockman was laid off from his job with a large oil company. With a wife, two young kids and Christmas just around the corner, Daniel had to get going on the next chapter of his life. Rather than just finding a new job that would likely end in the same way, Daniel decided that he was going to start his own company and finally exercise his true nature, entrepreneurialism. He had no idea what kind of business he was going to start so every day he would get into his truck and drive around his community and just look for what needs to be done. He would walk the streets and neighborhoods and talk to people in the area and just see what voids needed to be filled.

Daniel soon started a fence building company that built fences on people’s property and started hiring people with fencing experience. While Daniel knew very little about the fencing business he found that there were people out there that did know the business and he would just hire them. Within a few years, Daniel’s fencing company became the areas premium level fence construction company.

Daniel was starting to see a lot of success and was getting to be very well known. The local paper did a wonderful piece on Daniel’s rapid success call Out of the Bust and Into the American Dream. That story was later picked up by the Denver Post and the Washington Times. One of the College professors at the areas local college asked Daniel if he would give a talk to their Intro to Business students on how he started his company and how he became so successful. Soon Daniel was giving talks to all the school about business and found that he loved speaking to people about his ideas and how he put them into action.


Daniel was then asked by a Company call Authors Unite to help co-write a business book called The Better Business Book. Daniel penned chapters in both the volumes 1 and volumes 2 of the book project.

While speaking every chance he could get and also running his company, he started to see that when working on large projects with many contractor components that the project management on those project was very poor. Daniel saw a better way to manage projects and founded a new company called Bockman National Project Management. Using the same theme he used to start his first company by hiring contractors that knew the business and a stakeholder-based approach to a project, Bockman National started to really take off. He would then book another speaking gig to talk about how he took that new idea and put it into action.

Start something, make it successful, then tell people how he did it, was becoming Daniel’s opus. In the winter of 2018, Daniel founded IDEAs Media and Promotions. IDEAs Media is designed to be a talk event held a performing arts theaters to serve as a platform to encourage people to take action on their ideas for either business, products, services, nonprofits, social movements, or philanthropic activities by featuring guest speakers and other business self-starters and ideas people that have successfully started and took action on an idea!

IDEAs is an acronym that stands for: Innovation, Development, Empowerment, Action all equaling Success!

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